Alan Jeffrey


The Man, Myth and Legend


Alan Jeffrey, a.k.a. Al Gator, are his stage names and he is an American Saxophonist from Buffalo, NY! We would like to share some fun road trip stories about Alan! He’s crazy about music! It is the rhythm, that vibe, the show, that gut-feeling that just steals your soul, grabs your attention, and lifts you up like a roller coaster ride!! He grooves on the sax, rocks on the keys, and plays a guitar like a singing beach-bum with the ROADTRIP BAND!


   Along the way there are a few things to mention on the highway of life for Alan-He is so glad to be a part of television history: Composing and recording sound tracks for WB ONEWORLD MUSICBEAT / Russell Simmons show, BABYLON 5 (3 movies), MTVs ROADRULES (5 seasons), and more! Traveling on the 101 South he made a U-turn and landed up recording the sax solo on the track called "BLUE SKIES" featuring the mastermind song-writer keyboardist Roger Scott Craig along with guest musicians: vocalist Gregory Lynn Hall, legendary singer Chris Thompson, and guitarist Ian Bairnson from the Alan Parsons Band! Also that year, Alan was cruising the Los Angeles music scene...and he was ever so lucky, forever grateful, and honored to be a part of the bar COZYS which is now closed!



Alan sat in with world- class musicians; and has been truly honored to perform with such heavy cats like drummer Gary Malleber, guitarist Jimmy Vivino, saxophonist Jerry Vivino, drummer Corky Laing, Soprano singer / co- writer (Lay Down Sally) Marci Levi, Harmonica player Craig Twister Steward (Frank Zappa), Blues Guitarist John Marx and more! Please join us and put the pedal to the metal on one of your road trips and have some dancing fun! Bring your friends and put your party shoes on!!