Friends of Roadtrip

Vincent Bonelli

 Vincent was born in 2003 and has been playing guitar since he was five years old. His music and performing is his passion. Vincent plays many instruments such as; Guitar, Piano, and Bass. He performs at many different places in New York and outside New York. Vincent is always looking to expand and grow as a musician. 

Mo Porter

Chuck Shiandra (MoPorter) Brings the Entertainment from band,Duo to Dj Services. Check Brian Out playing Keyboard with Mo-Porter.

Honeymooners Band

Western New York's Premier Wedding band. Looking for a great Wedding Experience Look no further.

Nerds Gone Wild

 estern New York's newest and wildest 80's show! NERDS GONE WILD bring you all your favorite NEW WAVE and CLASSIC 80'S HITS. Created by members of Route 66, Hot Daddy ,Rocks and a few special guests. See Brian as Cousin Irwin filling in for Vid